Friday, July 6, 2012

What I can do...


Hi again and welcome to all new likers!!
If you have only stumbled across my page recently here are a few things you should know about me, just to keep you all up to date and well informed:
I currently do NOT attend any markets on Tamborine Mountain or on the Gold Coast. I am no longer able to devote the time to these events, as I do teach high school Art full time and weekends are my only time to paint. Any work you see posted on this page is available directly from me (unless otherwise stated) and 100% of the stated prices goes to me..the artist! I am more than happy to arrange live viewings of any work you admire, by special appointment at my home on Tamborine Mountain.

Most works can be posted or couriered anywhere within Australia and I am more than happy to look into postage options for international buyers, but be aware all postage and handling expenses are additional to price of work.

If you know of any businesses in your local area which you feel my work would be well suited to, please don't hesitate to post their details on my Timeline or via a message to my inbox. Without the help of my many likers I would not have even known about some of the amazing opportunities for exhibiting that were previously available.

I do also accept commissions for special requests as long as you give me plenty of notice (8 weeks minimum) and the request fits in with my painting style. Please do not ask me to copy another artist's work or paint in a style that is different to mine, it's just not how I like to operate.

If you have any other questions about my work or what I can or can't do please ask away! My email address is

Lastly, please continue to spread the word "My friend can paint!!!". I like to celebrate each time I gain a new 100 likers by hosting online Auctions, with original works that start at very reasonable prices. Thanks again for all of your support and kind compliments, it really helps motivate me and keep my creativity flowing!
Much love,
Tamara x

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