Sunday, July 8, 2012

We have lift off.

That's right I finally launched my more excuse making and time wasting and talking about what I'm going to do. I just did it!

As this is my first ever website, I decided to keep the budget low and do it myself. It is by no means amazing, but I want my images to take the focus. So kept it plain and simple. The main reason for having a website is to present my work professionally and refer potential galleries and buyers to a site that is not affiliated with social mediums such as Facebook and Blogger (despite how much GOODNESS these two sites have brought me). Entering works into competitions and applying for artist residences also require website links to see my C.V.

So here is the link. Might not be as exciting for anyone but me :)


  1. Hi Tamara
    I think there needs to be an O'Shea family gathering that invites friends so that I can finally get to meet you - feels like I know you already and think you are just so talented!

    Keep it up - we need more enterprising young people showing how it can be done!


    1. Thanks Janet! Must admit I thrive on sharing everything. I figure if anyone appreciates what you are doing than they deserve to know what it means to you. No idea how to run an enterprise, but I'm finding that what I'm doing is working and my work makes people happy. I believe Art is for everyone and should be enjoyed in every way possible. Would definitely be nice to meet the many facebook profiles I have crossed paths with in cyberspace, am so sure Di would get an O'Shea gathering together in a heartbeat. We will surely meet one day...I have an exciting project on the will be mobile and perhaps in a town near yours!! Can't say anymore at this stage.