Saturday, January 21, 2012

Alongside an Art God!

I was recently commissioned to paint a portrait of Keith Richards from the Rolling Stones by a Canvas Lover (Nobby Beach) who had been admiring a work of mine featuring an Astro Beauty. So after passing on a Rolling Stones book with a few pictures tagged I had everything I needed. A simple enough brief! The pressure set in however, after finding out that this guy actually owns an original Andy Warhol featuring Mick Jagger which hangs in his home.

So after getting through a long line of commissions I finally faced the 'Keith' images and I have to admit I got really nervous! After all this man is a serious Rolling Stone's fanatic and he would know Keith Richard's face far better than I do. So to cut a long story short, I forced myself to do it, I dropped it off at Canvas yesterday and as fate would have it the Rolling Stone's no. 1 fan just so happened to be there drinking coffee with some mates. Time to face the jury! He came in and we introduced ourselves and I showed him the work. He paused while looking at it, turned and held it up to his two mates asking "Hey guys who is this?". The two sun-glassed coastal looking men stopped and looked. One of them "Ummed" and "Ahhed" (meanwhile I'm freaking out!) the other then confidently replied "Keith!". No. 1 fan turned back to me, smiled then looked back at the work and said "Sold!" Yay!

He then tells Matt and I that he actually owns original drawings by the Drummer from the Stones, Charlie Watts as well as the Warhol. This guy was even wearing a Rolling Stone's T-shirt yesterday, he really is a HUGE fan. So now my humble little painting joins a collection of Rolling Stone memorabilia to make any fan jealous. Oh and did I mention it will be hanging alongside an Andy Warhol????

Could it be this one?

Or one of these? I dunno, because I stupidly forgot to ask!!

Here is my tribute to Keith Richards.
Not sure which Mick Jagger portrait he has, but here are a few I found and liked!

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