Friday, March 9, 2012

The need to draw!

Having returned to school after the holidays I have found it really hard to devote time to my painting. Which doe make me sad, but I do think it was a sign that I needed to slow down a bit too! So in between marking numerous art essays I have found a new for of procrastination, that was easy enough to squeeze in a few half hour sessions through the week. DRAWING! When I was a kid I used to draw on everything, from the TV guide and my maths books to the back of my parents phone bills. I would just sit and draw for hours on end. This was a past time that also got me through a lot of my high school years until of course I discovered my passion for painting in Year 12.
Here is a sketch in progress that I have been working on this week. So far it is receiving a lot of great feedback on FB.

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