Friday, January 6, 2012

Celebrating a year of great firsts.

Today officially marks the 1st Birthday of the Facebook page I dedicated to my paintings; My friend can paint. So to celebrate I will be Auctioning off two paintings and all proceeds will go to my sister-in-law's fundraising efforts for a dear friend of hers who was recently diagnosed with a deadly Sarcoma. Ash is only very young and recently married the love of her life, and this has been a huge shock for her family and friends. Having only been married for just under 2 years myself I could not imagine having something this huge happen to myself or Matt when we are just starting our life together as Husband and Wife. Bri had commissioned me to paint a wedding gift for this lovely couple and I gladly painted some love birds for them in a colour scheme they admired. I then finally met Ash in October  of 2011 and she informed me how much they loved their bird painting.

Many people are affected by Cancer everyday and it is really shocking and heart-breaking no matter what age or stage of life a person is in. So I hope to raise a good chunk of money for this worthwhile cause and you can help by spreading the word too!

Both of these works will be up for Auction on My friend can paint (Facebook page) from today to Friday 13th Jan and 100% of the proceeds will go to Briana Armstrong's Fundraising.

Click this link for more info on the fundraising efforts or to donate money yourself.

To bid of either work go to: My friend can paint

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