Friday, August 24, 2012


They are curious looking creatures, with their big piercing eyes and fluffed up feathery heads and boy do they seem to sell fast!

Since attempting my first ever owl piece in January this year, I have had many requests to keep painting more! The work that has been selling at Cafe Conti has largely been of Owls and Rabbits. So you guessed it, I'm going to keep on painting more. I have become really familiar with the lines, shapes and forms of a few varieties of owls and I am finding much pleasure in sketching and painting them. I am particularly fond of painting their eyes as they are so brightly set with those enlarged pupils, which for some reason are just so mesmerising and almost hypnotic. So here is a little collection of images for all of the OWL OBSESSED out there. Hope you ENJOY.

Tamara xx

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