Friday, October 7, 2011

Thank you City Dweller

At the very beginning of this year, shortly after starting a facebook page dedicated to my Artwork, I was privileged enough to receive a message from a lovely lady named Rebeka Mason. Rebeka had a little fashion boutique in Broadway Mall in Brisbane's CBD and wondered if I might be interested in displaying my artwork on the boutique walls. This delightful boutique is known to many young female fashionistas as City Dweller and I of course was delighted to have such an offer. It is now October and sadly City Dweller will be closing its 'physical' doors at the end of this month. City Dweller will continue to operate online and hopefully gain some customers from all around Australia and even overseas. They house some amazing designs from extremely talented local designers. I have found it very difficult to not buy something each time I have dropped off my works to City Dweller, as there are many many many lovely things in store that have captured my attention. Sadly I will be making one last trip to City Dweller later this month to collect the paintings which proudly decorate the walls of this delightful establishment.

I want to sincerely thank Rebeka and her staff at City Dweller for kindly supporting my work and always greeting me with friendly smiles and genuine admiration. I am truly grateful for the opportunity xx

GEt online and check out City Dweller's range of fashion or even better drop into the store before it closes!

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