Friday, October 7, 2011

Dreaming of becoming an Illustrator.

I recently met a Gold Coast Artist and Illustrator by the name of Susy Boyer. Susy came and said hello to me at the launch of Miami Marketta and was full of compliments. Our paths crossed again at Nobby Beach while I was painting my mural and she again greeted me with friendly compliments and a serious suggestion to consider applying to Illustrators Australia (IA). I had never considered selling my images for use as illustrations, but I had dreamt of being a fashion illustrator when I was a little girl. I find it really strange that most of us would probably disregard the dreams we had as children, because I now find myself wondering why on earth I didn't pursue illustration as a career option when I left school. After checking out the artist/illustrators profiles on IA's website, I have recognised the work of so many artists that I have gazed at in magazine editorials and book cover designs. I particularly love and have long admired the work of Australian Fashion Illustrator Kerrie Hess. Her Art has taken her to so many heights and she now resides in Paris and has designed for Chanel. If only!!!!

Check out her work, I am sure those fashion fans out there will instantly recognise her work from many a VOGUE magazine.

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