Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Aesthetic Slave

The very first piece (still a work in progress) for my upcoming solo exhibition 'Aesthetic Slave'. I have plans and design ideas for about 4 more works and each will be held together by a few common threads. The Afro will make an appearance along with numerous bubbles. This collection will focus on an ever increasing obsession with beautiful 'things' and the consumer wants and desires with feed this obsession. So while there are very few of you following my blog I want to at least give you an insight into the titles I have decided on for a few of the works:
'Too much of a good thing'
'Can't get enough'
'Fill me up'

There will be a huge influence from recent Vogue shoots, particularly from a recent article in the July 2011 issue...but that's all I am willing to reveal at this stage.

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