Thursday, March 7, 2013

Happy International Women's Day!

A day to truly celebrate WOMEN and all of their goodness. We have come a long way in so many ways and it is important to educate all young women of this fact, to celebrate it and to be proud. I do worry that many young Australian women have taken the gifts that our head strong female predecessors worked hard to give us, for granted. While fashion trends and music videos appear shocking they really have been around the block (pardon the pun) decades before. It is our inner confidence and self respect, or right to equality in the home, work place and in greater society that the young women of today need to take hold of. Our ability to do good and to be heard, despite what we look like, what clothes we wear or how we style our hair.

There are so many women in today's world who are still struggling to be given the chance to seek education or to marry who they choose. Some who are raped, abused and used daily and cannot seek help from their Government let alone their local community members. It is a horrible thought for many of us to even imagine and it is for this reason that a lot of us don't. We know we are lucky and we figure someone else will help those women fight their battles. Someone else will donate money to that charity, someone else will speak up and say STOP!
Top left: Me and Anne Summers (after she gave me some great advice about following dreams)
Top right: My fortune cookie contents, LOVE it! Bottom left: TEDx goodie bag. Bottom right: My
little TEDx buddy Maire...who I declared my head shave to.

On December 1st I had the privilege of attending the local event for TEDxSouthBankWomen at the Brisbane State Library. A day that I longed for and a day that did not disappoint. Many of my friends and family have had the brief run down from this day and many more know that as a result of that day I am now shaving my head to raise funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. What a lot of my family and friends don't know is that after having attended this life changing event I have granted myself a gift of greater self confidence, a louder voice and a stronger social conscience. For example many of us feel uncomfortable when we find ourselves in a conversation that turns racist or sexist or religious. When horrible remarks, jokes or comments are made that offend our values and morals we often bite our tongues or divert the conversation (well not all of us). I personally used to laugh nervously, remain silent and then change the subject completely. This reaction doesn't change the other person's viewpoint but neither does getting into an argument. However factual observations and statements are necessary and I find it can help terminate the conversation whilst also making that person feel 'regretful' for even opening their mouth!

Perhaps is it just a maturity thing that comes with age....OR perhaps not! I always thought I was a late bloomer (my whole life) and this as been proven correct (not because I'm still waiting for my boobs to come in!). A lot of the women who spoke at the TEDx event were under the age of 25. In fact the whole day was only made possible because of the belief and hard work of one 24 year old woman by the name of Laura Stokes.

Here is an article that was recently published in the Sunday Mail crediting the young life of this hugely inspirational woman:
Dare to be DIFFERENT! I think that is the best piece of advice you can give any young person, male or female.

I also want to end this post with a few links to some of the actual footage of the speeches from Dec 1st, 2012. If you can make time to watch them, you could find yourself feeling empowered to use your voice in aid of helping others too. 
Happy International Women's Day!

Dalai Lama 
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