Sunday, December 30, 2012

Dare to be BOLD!

I am taking part in 'SHAVE FOR A CURE 2013' and I will be shaving my head on Saturday March 23rd in Brisbane.

In an attempt to raise as much money as possible for the Leukaemia Foundation I have organised a group art exhibition titled 'Empowerment' to be held at Art & Design Precinct in Brisbane's West End. The show will open with my head shave event and will run until April 4th.

I am currently seeking sponsorship for this event and any interested businesses are invited to contact me for more information. All sponsors will receive extensive advertising in lead up to the show as well as on the night. Any Artists that are interested in donating or entering a work for the exhibition should contact me for an Entry Form.

All other donations will be gratefully received and may be done so online by visiting:

My decision to shave my head was born after witnessing my very brave sister-in-law Bri Armstrong in March of this year, doing just that. She selflessly devoted her time and energy to this great cause after a close friend of hers was diagnosed with a Sarcoma. Bri's courageous efforts were very powerful and contagious and after seeing her do this I felt I needed to do something as well. It was not until December 1st that I actually verbalised the decision to shave, when I was fortunate enough to hear Michelle Law speak at the TedxSouthbankWomen Conference at the State Library in Brisbane. Her speech was truly inspiring and reminded me of my desire to shave my head.

Here is the link to the transcript of Michelle's speech from the event 'A bald woman's guide to survival':

While this day consisted of many empowering speakers (which I am yet to catch you all up on! Next blog entry I promise), it was Michelle's speech in particular that struck a chord. I personally feel it is very important to set an example where ever possible. My art has given me a voice and through Facebook and Blogger I have found a platform to share my ideas and journey. I felt that I had enough power and enough people listening and watching to set an example for young people and women in particular...that beauty truly does come from within. Michelle pointed out in her speech that even after her hair had grown back, she still found something else about her appearance to obsess over.

This rings true for me and many women I know. We are always looking to change something about our appearance, but why don't we look for more ways to change our mindset and the opinions of society in general. For many women (and men) baldness is not a deliberate choice. For some this choice is made by genetics, the onset of alopecia or the side effects of chemotherapy and where are their empowering bald role models?? Too many of us have been led to believe that our exterior is what makes us desirable, beautiful or even acceptable. I am no different to anyone else when it comes to this, but being able to recognise this sad fact should be enough motivation to set out and attempt to create change.

So here it is! I am shaving my head and I absolutely cannot wait to get my bald on.

The reactions to this statement have been varied, most reactions include shock followed by questioning..."What? Really? Why??". Once I make it clear that I am doing it to raise money for Leukaemia some seem to be more accepting. Yet others still seem confused by my decision. Observing this is interesting yet frustrating as well. If I had just decided to shave my head without first announcing it or signing up for 'Shave for a cure' I honestly don't think the reactions would have been positive. Whilst I can't prove this theory I am sure many would see this as an attempt to be outrageous or perhaps even a little crazy. Either way it is happening and if I can inspire, empower or change the views of just a few than I will be happy.

I have already managed to convince one other willing participant to get on board! The lovely Leslie McLauchlan from Lil Vintage. Leslie has also decided to shave her head for various personal reasons, but one incredibly good reason, in memory of a dear friend who was taken far too soon.
Please visit or share her profile page and donate if you can:

If you too have been thinking about joining the Shave for a Cure campaign, I implore you to make 2013 the year! What a New Year's Resolution that would be. Empower yourself and others and raise some much needed funds for the Leukaemia Foundation. Who cares what anyone will think? As Michelle states: "KNOW YOUR WORTH".

It's never too late to become who you might have been. T.S. Elliott. 

Tamara x

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