Sunday, May 8, 2011

Consumer thoughts

Made my first visit to 'Made' yesterday to see the gallery space I am exhibiting at in October and have further ignited the motivation and excitement for the show. Have had thoughts bouncing through my mind all day of new concepts for paintings that revolve around my obsession for aesthetics in all aspects of life and the fuel this provides to buying, desiring and wanting material 'things'... because they are beautiful. But why? How does this make me feel and why does it become a strong desire? Surrounding ourselves with gorgeous things doesn't make us different on the inside, but it certainly does make us appear different to those viewing our lives from the outside. Does this make me shallow? I don't quite know. However for me, these beautiful 'things' are a reflection of my tastes in design, history, culture and life I guess. 

Going to purchase a brand new visual diary to start documenting all these ideas visually...before they fall from my mind!
Here is a clue as to what some of my exhibition work will include...the jar will serve as a metaphor of the depth of our consumer driven lives. How shallow are you?

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