Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My first ever solo Art Exhibition

So through the powers of Facebook I received a lovely email from Alex (Artist/Curator) of the new Art Gallery in Toowoomba 'Made Creative Art Space', inviting me to hold an exhibition. I had always thought about having an exhibition but never went to enough effort to find out more, so this email made my day. After looking into it a bit more, I discovered that Made showcase and support emerging and established artists from all media areas including Performance based. They also offer a really affordable price to hire one of their three gallery spaces. I have always been of two minds when it comes to Art exhibitions and the expenses that are involved, the audience they tend to target, and the air of 'Wanker' that can often be hanging about! But the fact that this is an opportunity to showcase my work in a 'Pretentious-Free zone' really got my attention. I believe that Art should be affordable and available to everyone, not just the uninspired yuppies who fall for the MASSIVE price tags seen in their local  upmarket galleries, who essentially force their artists to inflate their prices in order to cover the cost of exhibiting in these Elitist establishments!!! Sorry it just makes my blood boil.

I am just so pleased that I can continue to enjoy the art of painting and have people from all walks of life viewing it.  The work may or may not sell, but at least I won't be out of pocket massively if they don't!
To be honest since I locked in the booking all I can think about is planning the opening and making sure it will be stocked to the ceiling with WINE!! Hope you can make it cause I plan on it being a super fun night. More info to follow in the months leading up to October.

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  1. You will have to let us know the date so we can lock it away and make a trip to country:-)